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Choosing the best undercoat ensures an optimum repair finish; but paint for a chassis or a trailer must have durable mechanical performance too, able to resist heavy-duty usage.

Mechanical stresses like stone chipping, loading and unloading and scratching, as well as humidity , corrosion and weather exposure, can dramatically affect the life of any Commercial Vehicle.

That's why PPG's product ranges are always aligned with CMSs' most stringent requirements. Dedicated products are developed to pass the most demanding ISO certification for anticorrosion resistance. Plus, our wide range of primers, surfacers and fillers are designed to cover a broad set of needs.

Extensive colour sets are available, enabling enhanced productivity. These work with any kind of equipment, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Etch Primers
Designed to give excellent corrosion resistance and adhesive properties over metal substrates, such as steel, galvanised steel and aluminium.

Wet-on-Wet Primers
Designed to give optimum process speed and excellent appearance.

Primer Surfacers and Fillers
These products are designed to achieve film build to fill scratches and provide a level surface. They give good gloss hold-out over a wide range of substrates including sound original paintwork, bare steel, polyester bodyfillers and etch primers.

Epoxy Primers
Dedicated to provide the best possible durability and corrosion resistance.




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