Paint and refinish make up 45% of the turnover created by after-sales services for used cars

How much do paint and body garages turn over on reconditioning of second-hand vehicles? More than 1160 million euros! That is the turnover that second-hand vehicles generate for after-sales service in Spain through reconditioning and also repairs under warranty. This number was mentioned during the preparation and presentation of an interesting round table organized by Ganvam association during the Second-hand Vehicle Show in IFEMA Madrid. From that total turnover, 45% originates in paint and body reconditioning. Of that 45%, 60% comes from jobs ordered by private clients and the remaining 40% by professional trade.

According to the Spanish association of second-hand vehicle trade, the turnover generated by used cars in bodywork garages would be, proportionally, similar to the turnover in other European countries. 

In the case of Spain, with total sales of 2,2 million vehicles in 2018, 500 million euros were generated in paint and body garages for reconditioning, and nother 600 million for repairs and maintenance during the warranty period.

According to Jaime Barea, Corporate Director of Ganvam: “There are clear synergies between the used cars market and the after-sales market. It is time to analyze them in detail. We can find these synergies both when reconditioning the vehicle, when paint and body garages get the vehicle ready for the market by performing the necessary aesthetic work, and also during maintenance and repairs over the course of the warranty period. A good reconditioning, performed by a reliable bodywork garage, increases the market value of the vehicle. But it is important to keep working hard to show how important this reconditioning is”.

This round table, organized by Ganvam during the Used Car Show in IFEMA Madrid, also analyzed the type of paint and bodywork garages that perform this reconditioning. In general, professional traders that work with large numbers of vehicles per year tend to have their own garages. Within this category we can include official dealerships. We can also find “external” garages, specialized in providing services for traders and also small independent garages that would tend to the private client market.