DS Automobiles becomes 10,000th PAINTMANAGER® XI user

PPG’s PAINTMANAGER® XI colour management software has been supporting automotive bodyshops around EMEA since 2018. In December we were delighted to celebrate our 10,000th subscriber – DS Automobiles, an approved Peugoet COVEA sub-dealer, service and collision repair centre in Paris.

We marked this special milestone by visiting the team at DS Automobiles to present them with their 10,000th user award and, three weeks into the implementation, we asked them to share with us their views on using the newest generation PaintManager XI software.

This intuitive, real time software combines the accuracy and efficiency of computerised colour mixing with comprehensive reporting and tracking features – all designed to help bodyshop managers to effectively monitor and manage the productivity and profitability of their paint mixing operation. PPG’s global colour database of over two million formulas can be quickly accessed through the PaintManager XI software programme. Customisable search options enable paint technicians to quickly locate the latest colour variants including exterior, bumper, accent and under hood colours – all in one system.

As well as converting to PPG PaintManager XI software, 2019 has been a special year for DS Automobiles for another reason as the family-run business has also celebrated its tenth anniversary. 

DS Automobiles proudly receiving their 10,000th PaintManager XI user award. From left to right: Arnaud Racape, Pierre Julien Laporte, Jo Thompson, Hervé Pierron, Denis Lu, Daniel Dos Santos, Frédéric Dos Santos and Mathieu Perreira.

DS Automobiles proudly receiving their 10,000th PaintManager XI user award. From left to right: Arnaud Racape, Pierre Julien Laporte, Jo Thompson, Hervé Pierron, Denis Lu, Daniel Dos Santos, Frédéric Dos Santos and Mathieu Perreira.

Frédéric Dos Santos is the bodyshop manager, but also the car painter. He works with his brother Daniel Dos Santos who does the mechanics with his nephew Matthieu Pereira. Together, the team process around 8 cars every week, adding up to a total of 400 cars annually. A busy bodyshop needs a lot of paint, which the team purchases through their local PPG distributor, NVPR.

We asked Bodyshop Manager and car painter, Frédéric Dos Santos…

What do you like about PAINTMANAGER® XI? How is it helping you?

First, Frédéric told us how the straightforward settings made it very easy to install the software programme: “The PaintManager XI has been set once all the material and the products were installed in the bodyshop. We selected a number of colours to make the first tests on the machine. The PPG technician explained to us how to use PaintManager XI with all the alternatives it can provide, with the codes reported on the chips for a faster research.

“During a second test we programmed in all the parts that we repair on a frequent basis: bumpers, car wand, colours inside and outside, rims on cars. As the rims on cars are more and more repaired, PPG has created a special colour fan with several alternatives colours, including matt options, which is proving to be very practical and useful.”

Frédéric also remarked on the intuitiveness of the software and on its user-friendly interface: “The PaintManager XI invites you to explore all the different modules set on the software. After only three weeks I am already fully satisfied: the formula research with colour codes is very simple. Everything has been set in relation to our daily use of products. It’s also attractive to look at with a well-sized screen that is very easy to use.”

Which of the functionalities in PAINTMANAGER® XI do you consider most useful?

“One of the most important and interesting options we’ve found on the PaintManager XI is the module in which we can introduce the file number, the registration and the name of the vehicle. So if the vehicle needs to be repaired in the bodyshop in the future, we can find immediately the right alternative thanks to the history of the vehicle already available in the software.”

Will you recommend the use of PAINTMANAGER® XI?

“My experience with PPG is for the moment very positive as the colourimetry is good and the products are performing well. We recently tested the new clearcoat D8131 and this is so easy to use; we save a lot of time as it is a fast-drying product and consequently we save money, too!”

Frédéric explained to us that cars generally do not stay in the bodyshop for more than one day, so to work well and save money, it is important to have high performing colour tools to find the right colour. “PaintManager XI does it perfectly,” he said.

“As I am the bodyshop manager, I saw immediately all the benefits and profitability the PPG products and the PaintManager XI can bring to my business. Concerning the PaintManager XI, I will obviously recommend it, as it is so easy to use every day.”




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