PPG launches Next Gen Clearcoat

PPG proudly announces the launch of its new premium clearcoat, the D8177 Rapid Performance Clearcoat, which uses advanced technology to achieve a superb, glossy, mirror-like finish with just one application.

Alongside rapid bake and air-dry cycles, this new clearcoat provides significant flexibility, empowering all bodyshops to save time, material and energy - without compromising on performance and ease of use.

The unique formula of the new clear embodies PPG’s continued commitment in providing its customers with the best products to enhance OEM and bodyshop capabilities.

Like its predecessor, D8177 requires only five minutes baking at 60˚C and has very quick drying properties, resulting in a higher volume of repairs and significant energy savings. The clearcoat uses a dedicated hardener and two thinners to ensure the optimum application in all temperatures.

However, what truly makes this next generation clearcoat stand out in the market is the ability to apply the product in just one visit, achieving the same desired results as if two coatings were used. This supports PPG customers in meeting demands to optimise their workflow, relieve bottlenecks and speed up processes - without reducing quality.

The speed and high-quality finish of the clearcoat doesn’t mean it’s difficult to apply. With its excellent flow, and superb resistance to sag, the revolutionary clearcoat enables painters to apply with confidence.

Ignasi Roig, Product Platform Manager EMEA at PPG Refinish, said: “The launch of D8177 Rapid Performance Clearcoat means that bodyshops will no longer have to compromise between working sustainably, and at speed, with quality and performance. PPG continues to research and assist in making the industry as efficient and as profitable as possible.”

The D8177 Rapid Performance Clearcoat is available from October on.



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