The European Union estimates that the use of speed control ISA systems can reduce traffic accidents up to 30%

“Intelligent Speed Assist” (ISA) or speed control systems will be mandatory in all new vehicles sold in Europe starting in 2022. Its use could reduce accidents up to 30%.

The “Intelligent Speed Assist” (ISA) is a driver assistance system that uses the vehicle’s front camera and GPS to recognise traffic signals and road speed limits in order to adapt the speed of the vehicle to the type of road.

Once the maximum speed is detected, the ISA sends a visual and audio signal to the driver to indicate that he/she is going over the speed limit. The system allows some time for the driver to manually adjust the speed. In case the driver does not respond to this signal by reducing the speed, the ISA adapts it automatically.

Some more advanced systems allow the regulation of safety distance with the vehicle in front of us and can even come to a full stop in case of imminent collision.

In this regard, the ISA will reduce the engine power and, therefore, the driving speed in order to adapt it to the maximum speed of the road. This operation will be performed automatically by the system even if the driver continues to press the gas pedal.

Also, in compliance with EU regulations, the speed limit control system will remain active from the moment the vehicle is started. This, as opposed to other driver assistance systems, means that the ISA cannot be intentionally deactivated or reprogrammed.

With this system, the vehicle will not go over the maximum road speed, even if we continue to press the gas pedal. Since speed limits will not be exceeded, a decrease in both the number of accidents and speed tickets is expected.