Insurance companies support the European Commission objective of promoting the use of AI in the vehicle repair sector

Insurance Europe, the European federation of insurance companies associations, is in favor of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in automotive accident management. In fact, the document that this organization published aligns with the objective of the European Commission in promoting the safe and widespread use of AI in the different lines of business of the insurance sector.

In the case of its application in automotive accident management, there are more and more technological suggestions that inject efficiency into the whole process, from the time of the accident until the vehicle leaves the bodyshop.

Among the most recent are those that allow for automotive damage appraisal in three minutes, making evaluations with maximum precision through vehicle photos sent through a web application.

Is it necessary to have a change in the European regulations that process the insurance activity in order to contemplate the different AI applications of an accident management? According to Insurance Europe, at this point in time, no. The organization believes that the existent responsibility system at the European level, the Directive of responsibility for defective products (PLD), together with the national civil responsibility law, is functioning well in practice with new and emerging technologies like AI.

In their opinion, insurability issues could result from important changes in the existing responsibility frame, for example, the creation of a responsibility system separate from AI, the introduction of obligatory insurance, the elimination of responsibility exemptions or the realization of changes in the burden of proof.

Insurance Europe considers that given that AI encompasses a combination of technologies, still in the early stage of development, the legislation on the responsibility of these advanced systems should be postponed until their specific risk potential can be understood better in the context of its use in different business sectors and the necessities of those sectors.