PPG supports young engineers

Knowledge and its development are extremely important for PPG, therefore PPG Refinish Polska supports not only the development of its partners, but also the development of young painters and engineers, which results in cooperation with universities.

A perfect example of such a multi-channel relationship is the partnership with the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Students of Wrocław University of Science and Technology have always been one of the most talented in Poland, and thus their desire to gain knowledge and experience is above average. In order to meet the needs of young constructors and managers, the PWR Racing Team was established in 2009. PPG has been supporting this ambitious project for four years and thus supports the training of future engineers. Graduates who participated in the project in previous years now work in the best racing teams. Some are employed by, for example, Ferrari's engineering team and other leading automotive brands.

Each season, students create a new racing car in the Formula Student category. They have as many as ten unique models on their account. Currently, the eleventh structure has already been built. The successes drive development, the team was the first Polish team to win the entire edition of the Formula Student Italy competition already in the 2016/2017 season. Since then, it has been among the best teams in the world ranking and the best team in Poland. It is worth noting that the entire project is financed through support obtained from partners who enable the development of the project and gaining experience by the students who create it.

The RTX formula is a dream come true for young designers. The technical parameters make a phenomenal impression, 200 kg of weight, acceleration in 3 seconds to 100 km/h. The technical data is only numbers, but the number of solutions used delights the whole world of motorsport. A system of three shock absorbers on the front axle that allows for separate adjustment of the car's tilt in the transverse and longitudinal axes, or a wiring harness that meets aviation standards are just some of them. The heart of the car is the combustion engine from the Honda CBR600RR motorcycle, which has been adapted to the needs of the formula. With such a sophisticated design, every detail matters, all aerodynamic elements are covered with PPG ENVIROBASE® HP.

When building RTX, the students made no compromises. Thanks to this, they obtained one of the lightest packages in the entire Formula Student, which can boast of maintaining the condition of 0.5 kg / m2 of aerodynamic surface. The hybrid structure of the load-bearing structure, combining steel and carbon fiber, allowed to sum up the advantages of both materials.

This is only a brief introduction to this very complex project, but the idea behind young designers is also very close to the PPG philosophy and therefore we are proud to support future employees of the automotive industry:

As future engineers, we want to create our own reality. Every year we build a new Formula Student car, which achieves remarkable successes. This allows us to develop very quickly. We want the PWR Racing Team member starting his professional career to be a responsible and experienced person who is able to meet the requirements of the best companies.

Cooperation with professionals is a guarantee of success and supporting such a project is a great pleasure for PPG.