The world body repair market will grow at an annual rate of 2,7% until 2026

The maintenance and repair of vehicles is regaining its dynamism. According to a study by Global Industry Analysts, the activity of body repair shops will grow worldwide at a 3,1% rate during the next six years, up to 678.400 million dollars in 2026. However, not all of the aftersales areas will evolve in the same way. Body repair will grow at a slower pace than electromechanic and tire garages, at an estimated yearly rate of 2,7%.

In six years, the body repair revenue, pushed by markets such as the United States, Canada, Japan, China and Europe, will reach 138.600 million dollars. According to the authors of the study, a significant increase in the number of these types of repairs is likely to take place in the Asia-Pacific area, especially in Australia, India and South Korea. Latin American countries will grow above the average, at an annual mean increment of 3,2% until 2026.

Mobility restrictions imposed around the world to contain the pandemic have resulted in an important reduction in the number of car accidents worldwide. According to Global Industry Analysts, major European and North American cities are reporting decreases in the number of accidents between 40 and 60%. In addition, in the mid term, the characteristics of the new vehicle mobility after the pandemic, and the increasing presence of automatization systems in the most modern cars will continue to reduce the number of crashes. However, as we have already seen, the market will continue to grow both globally and regionally.