What does omnichannel provide and how to incorporate it into the bodyshop commercial strategy?

Digital marketing has multiplied the number of channels by which a body repair company can make itself more visible and interact within the market in order to gain and improve customer loyalty. With “in-person” channels being greatly affected due to the social distancing imposed by COVID-19, to the traditional phone or email interactions, a number of new possibilities are available: video chat, Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram… Is it necessary for the garage to explore all of them? What kind of omnichannel strategy is the most adequate for bodywork repair companies?

Clients expect to be able to view and interact with their maintenance and repair providers through the means they use on a daily basis. Does this mean that bodyshops need to have an omnichannel strategy which incorporates all of the available tools? That is not exactly what online marketing experts suggest. For these experts, what is really important is that the body garage develops an omnichannel strategy adapted to its goals and its market reality.

Attending to clients with solvency, that is, with the capacity to add value and offer quick and useful answers to the clients, is just as important as having a variety of channels to “contact” the client.

Omnichannel is becoming an essential strategy in order to attend to the needs of both the current and the potential clients of the garage. For this strategy to be really effective it must adapt to the available resources, in terms of personnel, technology and knowledge.