We support history enthusiasts

PPG is a brand that appreciates automotive enthusiasts, regardless of whether we are talking about modern cars or classic automotive.

However, products for use in the automotive industry are only a small part of the areas in which the materials produced by the concern are used. In addition to the automotive industry, PPG is a coating supplier for industry, marine and aviation. This is where the story of a very interesting project in which PPG Refinish Polska had the pleasure to participate starts - the renovation of the MIG-29A aircraft begins.

The MIG-29A (G) aircraft, serial number 2960525118/3505 side number 669, was produced in the Soviet Union in 1987. In the first years, it was part of the air force of the German Army - Luftwaffe. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunification of Germany, the MIG-29 aircraft received a new designation of 29 + 08.

In June 1996, the plane underwent the first modernization to the G-Germany version. In 2003, as part of NATO cooperation and the development of the Polish Armed Forces, MIG-29 (29 + 08) was handed over to the Polish Air Force for a symbolic 1Euro, along with 21 machines of this type. The following year, the plane was transferred to the airport of Wojskowe Zakłady Lotnicze Nr-2 in Bydgoszcz.

The machine deserved a major overhaul. After verification and renovation, it entered the armament of the 41st Tactical Aviation Squadron and received the Polish number 4112. In 2005, the MIG-29 (4112) was transferred to the Aviation Training Center in Dęblin as a teaching aid. Then, after completing his mission at the School of Eaglets in 2009, he joined the collection of the Association of Aviation Enthusiasts "Grupa Archeo Łask" at the 32nd Tactical Air Base in Łask.

After many years of service, it was time for another major renovation, this time with the support of PPG products and expertise. The reconstruction started in 2019 and took two years. All works were carried out with full PPG technology under the supervision of the PPG CT / LIC technical department. The coating renovation technology consisted in the complete removal of the existing anti-corrosion layers from the entire surface of the plane and all its components. To ensure the highest quality protection and finish, the strongest two-layer anti-corrosion system was used - epoxy primer with a polyurethane top layer. Thanks to this technology, a very good end result was achieved. After the renovation works were completed, the final touch was a thorough washing of the airframe combined with the protection of the varnish coat with a special wax-based coating.

The official transfer to the museum took place on June 18, 2021. During the ceremony, thanks were given to everyone involved in the reconstruction of the plane. PPG representatives also received official thanks for supporting the project from the Commander of the 32nd Tactical Air Base, Col. Pil. Tomasz Jatczak.

The airplane looks amazing and although it will not be in active service, it will please the eyes of not only aviation enthusiasts. Today it is in the collection of Archeo Group planes in Łask near Łódź, at the 32nd Tactical Air Base. It will certainly be admired during celebrations, exhibitions and air shows.