The number of female clients going to body shops is increasing

Taking a car to the shop for maintenance or repair continues to be an activity carried out by more men than women. However, according to the main body shop associations, year after year, the number of women who take their car to the shop is growing. In any case, according to the latest available studies, women only represent between 25 and 30% of the clients of vehicle maintenance and repair businesses.

Amongst the most frequent reasons that explain this growth in female clientele is the increased presence of women in the labor market and their rising purchasing power. But we can also find other reasons, such as the efforts carried out by the automotive sector in order to improve their client orientation. 

Aspects such as attention or cleanliness  -providing proper technical explanations regarding what is going on with their vehicles or the overall appearance of the facilities-, well performed by body shops, are especially valued in the satisfaction surveys carried out amongst the female clients of the repair shop.

According to a recent investigation, almost four out of every ten women do not bring their car to the body shop out of unfamiliarity with the car’s maintenance needs. And five of every ten women interviewed in this same study preferred to not deal with vehicle maintenance, an activity that they delegated to their spouse or father.

When do they decide to go to the body shop? The most decisive factor, for seven of every ten women, is the inspection date suggested by the vehicle manufacturer. Just 30% of women, according to this same study, decide to bring their car to the shop for preventive maintenance before embarking on a long trip or with the motive of a change of seasons.

In spite of the growth experienced by the number of women that bring their car to the body shop, almost seven out of every ten consider that the automobile world and its maintenance is still very masculine. This same percentage of women assures that they have never encountered a professional woman working at the body shop.