21% of traffic accidents that end up with the car at the garage are caused by bad weather

Poor weather conditions decisively influence the workload of body and paint shops, as stated in a study by the US Department of Transportation, after analyzing 5,89 million accidents over one decade. Rain, snow, ice, fog or wind were behind 1,23 million of those crashes. In other words, more than one in four collisions are related to bad weather. Evidently, this is something for the bodywork garages to take into account, in terms of planning and organizing their resources throughout the year.

Most accidents caused by bad weather are related to wet roads (70%), rain (46%), snow (18%) or ice (13%). Regarding crashes between vehicles, the most common causes are wet roads (15%) and rain (10%). It is not a coincidence that the busiest time of the year at the body and paint shops coincides with the months with inclement weather, when the poor weather conditions show the poor state of many roads, making traffic more congested and reducing the operating ability of drivers.


The impact of climate over the activity of shops is not only related to the accident rate. As is often stated by repair shops associations, educating the client, by making him/her aware of the need to revise safety elements, can prevent problems or bad experiences when driving under poor weather conditions. This awareness can translate into additional sales. Good messages related to visibility and the mechanical response of vehicles when facing rain or snow (which include not only windshield wipers and lighting, but also the elements known as “the safety triangle”: tires, brakes and shocks) stimulate the business and increase customer loyalty.