PPG focuses in providing bodyshops with the best possible systems in order to increase their profitability. As part of this commitment, D8125 has been developed using the most advanced technology to provide PPG customers a new best in class Premium HS clearcoat.                                                                                                                                                                          

>> Easy robust application

         >> Very good polishing



Simple 2 : 1 : 0.5 mix ratio Speed and simplicity in preparation
Water white product Clean in-can colour appearance
Very hard out of the oven after just 15 minutes at 60 ˚C Fast process times
Excellent capability in high temp environment Easy to use with no rework across all temperature and humidity conditions
Excellent finish with 2 single or 1 visit application mode Confidence in versatile repair for every job


The water-white D8125 ensures consistently good results across a wide range of application methods and equipment. It is designed for use over PPG ENVIROBASE® High Performance & DELTRON® basecoats. A good quality ‘right first time’ repair, with easy robust application and very good polishing, ensures a productive and profitable bodyshop.   

With characteristics like this, D8125 is the ultimate easy to use, versatile and productive Premium HS clearcoat. A fast and easy repair with no rework and a high quality finish ensure the bodyshop remains profitable.                                                                                                                                                                                     

To be used with following Ancillaries:


•  D8262    FAST HS HARDENER (0,5L - 2,5L)

•  D8263    MEDIUM HS HARDENER (0,5L - 2,5L)

•  D8264    SLOW HS HARDENER (0,5L - 2,5L)




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