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PPG Refinish ensures that the paint systems and processes we produce meet the needs of both OEMs and bodyshops.

PPG Refinish design processes that are easy to use. This saves labour and spraybooth times and helps bodyshops to reduce costs, maximise productivity and enhance profitability.

Rapid Repair Process
A simple and easy-to-use process designed for the rapid repair of small areas (one to three panels).

Complete Waterborne Process.
ENVIROBASE® High Performance Waterborne Basecoat, combined with Waterborne Clearcoat and Primer, provides an effective solution for repairing OEM finishes.

Internal Repair Process (Engine Bays)
This unique Internal Repair System gives faster process times than conventional repair methods, whilst still accurately matching the original OEM colour.

Plastic Painting Process
A range of products for successful painting of all paintable plastic substrates, from cleaning and preparation to topcoating.


ENVIROBASE® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.