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Manufacturers and repairers of Commercial Vehicles and special vehicles face the daily challenge of finding products to maximise their efficiency. At PPG, every product is developed with this in mind.

We are proud to work hand in hand with our partners to achieve profitable growth and success through the delivery of high quality products.

In the Commercial Vehicle segment our partners tackle a huge range of tasks, from refinishing jobs, to refurbishment and re-livery of buses, trailers, chassis, trains and more. Therefore, the focus of our R&D labs and expert teams all over the world is to develop products and solutions that achieve profitability and great finish for end users with the minimum of effort and labour costs.

Whether your need is for a fast repair solution, or a process specific to a particular substrate, PPG provides advice to find the process that fits your need best.

Fast Repair Process
A simple and easy-to-use process designed for the rapid repair of small areas.

Plastic Painting Cycles
A range of products designed for the successful painting of all paintable plastic substrates, from cleaning and preparation to topcoating.

Process for different substrates
PPG has devised the best "process cycles" to always get the best out of our paint whatever the type of substrate to be painted, whether aluminium, plastic, steel or galvanised steel.