As a leading supplier to both OEMs and CMVs, PPG has played a crucial role in the development of colour. PPG Refinish stays ahead of the latest OEM pigmentations and colour formulations in order to be able to provide the best match for any repair job.

Its long partnership with CVM and fleet owners has enabled PPG to satisfy the core requirements for this segment. This enables our users to work with products that are specifically designed for Commercial Vehicle jobs. At PPG we care that our customers achieve the highest quality standards, profitably.

Our wide range of tinter and binder systems is designed to offer a broad portfolio of solutions covering a variety of refinish jobs. Your needs are anticipated whether superior opacity, outstanding gloss, finiture and colour durability are a must, or whether you take on heavy-duty jobs, such as for trailers or chassis, where good filling power, ease of use, and a wide application modality become crucial for success.

Medium Solids Topcoat
Product lines such as DELFLEET® 280 or 350 are designed for excellent application characteristics, flexibility and ease of use, combined with high resistance to both chemical agents and mechanical stresses.

PU matt binder is available, to allow matt, semi-matt or semi-gloss finishes to be achieved.

Ultra-High Solids Topcoat
A complete system of UHS topcoat to enable any type of application. Our key focus is on enhancing our end users' processes while incorporating protection for their health and safety and our environment.

Delfleet UHS Premium is specifically designed to allow excellent flow and a smooth application process. It guarantees excellent appearance by combining efficiency and lasting quality.

Delfleet UHS High Build is fully compliant with European refinish legislation and provides a painting solution for surfaces subject to heavy conditions, such as chassis and trailers. Its excellent filling power also makes it the ideal choice for rivets and edges, and it is easy to use with any type of equipment.


DELFLEET® is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.


F3113 Delfleet UHS Premium Topcoat Binder

F3113 5L

Delfleet F3113 Ultra High Solids Premium Topcoat, in combination with the Delfleet toners, will set  the highest standard for quality of finish and gloss, whilst offering excellent appearance, durability and chemical resistance.

Delfleet F3113 UHS Premium Topcoat has been specifically designed to provide excellent flow and finishes, through a VOC content lower than 420g/l, when painting Lorry cabs, boxes, bodies, Buses, and Vans.

F3114 Delfleet UHS High Build Topcoat Binder


Delfleet F3114 UHS High Build Topcoat.
In combination with Delfleet Tinters, this technology provides outstanding performance in terms of filling power without compromising appearence performance.

F3114 has been specially designed for use with electrostatic, airless, airmix, membrane and pressure pot application on objects that are subject to heavy conditions (eg: chassis or bodies), while still offering a VOC content lower than 420g/l.

F341 Delfleet 350 Topcoat Binder

F341 5L

Delfleet MS 350 is a high performance 2K Medium Solid topcoat system, specifically designed to provide an excellent appearence and long durability, without compromising the ease of application.

F8050-9006 DELFLEET ONE® RAL9006 Aluminium Ready Mix


DELFLEET ONE® RAL9006 Aluminium Ready Mix is a 2-pack polyurethane topcoat, formulated to get an optimal application of silver colours, available in 5 and 20l.

  • Simple 2 wet coats application process – higher flow, less process times
  • Creation of full DG Metallic colour palette possible, by tinting F8050-9006  with up to 10% Delfleet One toners

F343 DELFLEET® 280 Topcoat Binder

F343 3.5L

Delfleet MS 280 topcoat is a 2K system specifically designed for the commercial and  heavy duty market.

Delfleet 280 Medium Solid technology ease of application over different objects and large areas make this product the customer choice since the last 30 years.

Used in combination with F342 Matt Binder, it enhances its colour selection with a wide variety of matt, semi matt and semi gloss colours.