Patentes Coche Autonomo
Notable increase in the number of patents related to autonomous cars

The automation of driving reduces the number of accidents and impacts the paint and body repair market. At what speed is the automatization of the vehicle pool happening?

Mujer Cliente Taller
The number of female clients going to body shops is increasing

Taking a car to the shop for maintenance or repair continues to be an activity carried out by more men than women. However, according to the main garage associations, year after year, the number of women who take their car to the shop is growing.

01 Protecciondatosclientetaller
Clients prefer the garages/shops and dealerships that guarantee the protection of their data

Data privacy has become an essential demand by drivers interested in doing car maintenance or buying a vehicle.

We support history enthusiasts

In addition to the automotive industry, PPG is a coating supplier for industry, marine and aviation. This is where the story of a very interesting project in which PPG Refinish Polska had the pleasure to participate starts.

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Introducing DELFLEET ONE® F8650 - PPG’s All-in One-Clearcoat

Using the latest technology, PPG’s new premium clear, the DELFLEET ONE® F8650 UHS Clearcoat, is set to bring a premium high gloss and impressively painter-friendly solution to the commercial transportation market.

03 Artificial Intelligence To Scan The Bodywork
Drivers penalize bodyshops that do not have an online presence

Not providing enough information online penalizes a garage, and not only amongst young urban drivers, as could be expected given the more widespread use of the Internet in this population group.

FSN 2021 1
PPG supports young engineers

PPG Refinish Polska supports not only the development of its partners, but also the development of young painters and engineers, which results in cooperation with universities.

Body Repair Market Will Grow
The world body repair market will grow at an annual rate of 2,7% until 2026

The activity of body repair shops will grow worldwide at a 3,1% rate during the next six years, up to 678.400 million dollars in 2026

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PPG partner of JiR team for the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU European Cup

01 What Does Omnichannel Provide And How To Incorporate It Into The Bodyshop Commercial Strategy
What does omnichannel provide and how to incorporate it into the bodyshop commercial strategy?

Digital marketing has multiplied the number of channels by which a body repair company can make itself more visible and interact within the market in order to gain and improve customer loyalty.

02 What Do Car Sharing Fleets Expect From Repair Garages
What do car sharing fleets expect from repair garages?

One of the phenomenons linked to the development of sustainable urban mobility is car sharing. The European Union considers it to be one of the key elements in order to contribute to the compliance of the mobility decarbonization goals.

02 Insurance Companies Support The European Commission Objective Of Promoting The Use Of AI In The Vehicle Repair Sector (1)
Insurance companies support the European Commission objective of promoting the use of AI in the vehicle repair sector

Insurance Europe, the European federation of insurance companies associations, is in favor of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in automotive accident management.